Anchors - Bad Juju 12 inch

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With the plague of metalcore and everything the term encompasses running rampant in Australia these days, a great punk record is both hard to come by and extremely welcome. 2010 was the year of bands like Amity Affliction and Parkway Drive down under, but it is Melbourne's Anchors who deserve recognition for their debut full-length, Bad Juju

Being isolated in a PUNK-FREE ZONE in the southwestern corner of the country, I hadn't caught wind of Anchors before Bad Juju. Thank god for the internet. 

Anchors are a fast and furious five-piece punk act, but they bring an interesting assortment of influences and backgrounds to the table-they are fronted by an ex-thrash metal singer, for one. However, it's clear from the first gravelly notes in opener "Stay Frosty" that punk is where his tuneful, flat-out screams belong, occasionally augmented throughout the album with melodic gang vocals.