Agenda Of Swine / Waves Of Human Suffering 12 inch

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WAVES OF HUMAN SUFFERING consists of 13 tracks of BENUMB and VULGAR PIGEONS-flavoured grindcore with Pete’s angry motor mouth vocal style where he screams so angrily and passionately you start to wonder whether his head is about to explode, John beating the shit out of his drum kit like he’s a pimp and it owes him money, Jeff and Jason shredding their guitars at a frenetic pace while Emad violently plucks at his bass like he’s trying to tear his fingers off. If you thought BENUMBand VULGAR PIGEONS were high paced and violent, you haven’t heard anything until you wrapped your ears around WAVES OF HUMAN SUFFERING. The best way to describe the album would be; imagine the guys from VULGAR PIGEONS andBENUMB getting together for a barbecue, taking enough speed and coke to drop a horse, handing them some instruments and shoving them alone in a padded room.